Exploring a Thunderstorm with Jay

This episode is from when Jay Goldman and I got together to film something for The Canadian Explorer, and this is what came out.

At the time Jay had an awesome internet show too, Mr Mobile.

Sorry about the nicks in the audio, this was before I learned about adding those little sound smooth guys in between cuts.

My car shook for 2 days.

Buy Jay’s Book! Facebook Cookbook which is in the O’Reilly Collection

(non-nerds: an O’Reilly book carries clout, they’re like, tech bibles)

Here’s Fantasy Farms

Here’s some stills from the episode.



A New and Better Header, Look Up

Until now, it looked like this:

Then I added this 9 photo collage.

This post is more for me than you, for documenting purposes.

Have a good evening!

Oh wait, one more thing… look at this weirdness.

My header code area is completely empty in the editor, yet I still have a header.

I clear my cache and the code comes back, but only once because if I click away and return, it’s gone again.