My Photos of Vegas will Bore You

A lump of blah – view from my room, my cab driver and I laughing our guts out, a BigMac.

I had a great trip, it just doesn’t translate in the photos.

Don’t like this city – the level of excess, how people turn up their inner d-bag, the level of entitlement. The irony is the size of the blog tag Vegas (30)

It’s bad form to take photos at the conference (why.)

Actually, aside from that steak photo, the only pic of me all week is this selfie.

Like any good gambler, I’m only showing you my wins.

The Black Hat NOC – Network Operations Centre.

Spotted on the vendor floor.

The arrow is pointing at a blinking light, which is what made me stop, which is what the booth guy said makes everyone stop, which we laughed about because how ridiclous is it that – one little light!

Another vendor – give your email and get to smash computers.

The Rapid 7 party.

You’ve seen that name, I use them for my home entertainment system.

To conclude, here’s new headers.

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Finally Junked my Jetta – A Love Letter

It was time. But still…

…the emotional attachment to your car though,
runs deep eh.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The last one.

Here are 4 new banners, based on the newspaper’s photo gallery,

And with that I’m done saying goodbye… love you forever buddy xo

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