I Was So Quiet this Weekend

It was a very low-key weekend, didn’t go do or talk much.

I’m so glad the internet is moving more and more to 9-5.  The pressure to be sharing and publishing 24/7 is a weird thing, ask a blogger; it can feel like a lead cape.

Been thinking and visualizing a lot about my new assistant.
How if I had one, you’d have known sooner
about important things, such as…

… how I went to the casino on Friday night.

(I love casinos. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slots is 1/2 of my favouirte games.
‘Jacks or Better’ video poker is the other; best odds in the house)

Or that I’d attended a great Canadian Club party the night before that.

You remember Casie far right, hey you xo! Couch soon.

(photo credit: Ryan Emberley)

If I had blog help, you’d have known that I was driving a Hyundai Accent last week.

And that my Saturday night looked pretty typical of many of my Saturday nights.

You’d have known that I’d done my bi-annual buy last week.  My shopping method is solid both in execution, and value; click here.

Nice crisp new jacket eh… I’ll show you it better in another post.

Becoming so professional, me.

I also dug around in a box under my bed this weekend, and hauled out spring clothes.

Might have that shortened.

And if I had an assistant, I’d have been able to show you this beautiful sight sooner… don’t you want to smash them so bad?

They make the most beautiful sound when they smash.

If ever you’d like to get me a frivolous gift, click here.

A blog helper.

I’m excited, ready, and going to kickstart the search this week.


Been Evolving my Look Guys

See the zipper? A fashion detail.

Now that my hair’s almost long, a ponyhawk.

Mostly I just dainty-fied my existing look eh, “classy commando”.

Two recent favourite outfits.

Bought my first eyeliner.

Signed, the world’s oldest tomboy

skirt gif

I’m wearing pencil skirts now.

Pretty comfortable too, you could sprint in this one.

Fashion show over, the tape has started to fall over the lens.

Look, it’s a triangle.

If I make this sign with my hands, does that mean I’m a member of the i1100m1n@t1?

(like how I’m avoiding being tagged for typing it?)

About them, I’ll say this:

Oh I totally get it, it’s just not my thing.



Things from the Last Week

I liked this outfit.

Extreme paperwork project complete.

So it was ‘National Sadness Day’ this week huh. I’ve blogged how I feel about that before, click here.

This is the latest song I’m OCDing out to. Anything of mine you’re read in the last 3 weeks, has been to this.

I was supposed to be leaving Monday for a week in the Arctic, to drive a Mercedes Sprinter van from Anchorage Alaska to Edmonton, Alberta.

I was booked into the 3rd leg, which unfortunately was cancelled. Mercedes kindly offered to have me join the first leg, but I wasn’t able to rearrange my schedule. It looks like a great time, follow along on #SprinterArcticDrive

Outdoor fun.

Where next week’s column started from #ThatsGoodMultiTasking

Didn’t today feel… off? Like, the entire world had a collective stress stroke.

Spent a lot of time on my laptop.

A lot.

I feel depleted, not bad, but wiped.

Flash on flash off.



Rested and Ready for a New Week

My car column kicks off this week!

When I mailed my draft earlier to my editor, my hand shook a bit over the send button, not gonna lie.

#SundayCleaning is complete, my first article is done and submitted, and my inbox is zeroed BOOM.

Uploading a video right now, well, kicking a video online.

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong, there’s no way it takes everyone this long to post a video, otherwise there’d be way less garbage on YouTube. Think I’ll make an appointment at the Apple store, get some Final Cut exporting advice. Get some.

Made it to my mailbox. Usually it’s just boring old bills, this time ha!  Free Beer does exist. Thanks Sapporo :) And may I compliment you on your beautiful penmanship.

Worked on my sidebar last night, that’s why there’s doubles and triples. I’m adding in new ones I made a few weeks ago, click here.

Then I went for a beer and read.

That’s one of my invisibility outfits, the look is, “I’m not here pay no attention leave me be”.

This weeks flowers.

Here’s to a strong and productive start to your week, one of our last of the summer, go offline and outside!


xo Keri