Been Buying in Bulk

Something I never do.  I don’t understood Costco and the appeal; they treat you like a criminal on the way out.

Left to right:

That is THE best chapstick ever.  Discontinued in Canada years ago and I’ve been searching ever since.  At the dollar store I saw one, “woah, got any more?”, and bought out their stock.

Those USB keys are 4GBs and very cheap.  I have a LOT of files to move around in February, that’s part of the preparation.

And those are… banana clips.  Remember them?  Doesn’t my ponytail look amazingly big I KNOW.


New Profile Pic

Below is what I really looked like that day.

Took myself out to dinner dressed like that, to commemorate filming the final episode of ‘The Canadian Explorer’.

For the first 8 episodes I ever made, I did that… I’d be all sleep deprived, dress myself up, and take myself to dinner.

I do it for big wins; it’s important to mark and celebrate things.



Doesn’t My Hair Look Great?

Ahhh Rose. If you need your hair done here’s your girl.

Long time we’ve known each other eh lady? Remember when you did that high ponytail for my tutu outifit, introduced me to those two cool opera girls, oh and when you cut my bangs with angels on your scissors that time? Thank you missy!

This is my favourite photo of us, Keebler Elves. We’re actually signing up to carry the Torch back in 2008 here; neither of us got a call back.

I Was Going to Make a ‘Haul Video’

In the summer, with this dress and shoes:

Do you know what a haul video is?  You go shopping, you get some great deals, you come home and tell your webcam all about it, that’s a haul video.

These videos have gained popularity for a reason I do not understand… click here for an example of one, not embedding that.

My video was going to be jokes, even though the above dress and shoes were excellently priced, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So this post, this is as far as it goes.



Been Wearing These Old Shoes

They’re from… grade 12.

They were my first ever pair of big girl shoes, I saved up forever then bought them on Queen West and felt very official stomping around.

That ring is also from high school; I’ve found a love for it again, you know how sometimes that happens.

There’s another high school shirt in the rotation, click here. Waste not want not.