Label your Luggage Always

A few months back I was looking out the window, waiting for the plane to take off… oh what’s that?

That’s my suitcase not being loaded on board. Instead, it’s about to be driven away on that little truck.

Oh no.  “Excuse me”… “Hello?” By now the truck has started driving away, I stand up “HI LISTEN HI”.

I described what happened, and it was the pilot himself who leaped off the plane and ran after the truck.

It was only then that I started to worry… imagine if I was wrong, and I’d just held up the plane, while the pilot chased someone else’s bag.

But it wasn’t, and he returned with my luggage, and the passengers around me were all, “sharp eye” and “nice catch”.  I only felt relief.

That’s why I use that giant orange luggage tag,
a bright red strap, and a green lock; VDMs

VDM – Visual Distinguishing Mark

(as I’ve blogged before, only use TSA approved red diamond locks when travelling)


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