Things from the Last Week

I liked this outfit.

Extreme paperwork project complete.

So it was ‘National Sadness Day’ this week huh. I’ve blogged how I feel about that before, click here.

This is the latest song I’m OCDing out to. Anything of mine you’re read in the last 3 weeks, has been to this.

I was supposed to be leaving Monday for a week in the Arctic, to drive a Mercedes Sprinter van from Anchorage Alaska to Edmonton, Alberta.

I was booked into the 3rd leg, which unfortunately was cancelled. Mercedes kindly offered to have me join the first leg, but I wasn’t able to rearrange my schedule. It looks like a great time, follow along on #SprinterArcticDrive

Outdoor fun.

Where next week’s column started from #ThatsGoodMultiTasking

Didn’t today feel… off? Like, the entire world had a collective stress stroke.

Spent a lot of time on my laptop.

A lot.

I feel depleted, not bad, but wiped.

Flash on flash off.



As IF It’s the Weekend Already

I tweeted a few weeks back: I think time goes faster in a big city, and that’s not good.

HOW is it already June?

Blogging is a good way to track time.  And it seems every month, the below moment comes faster and faster.

This is a screenshot of my file structure on my hard drive.

The “BLOG” folder is stuff for you, the “PHONE” folder is stuff for me.

Yesterday was dedicated to “Life Admin”.

I spent last night gloriously silent on my laptop, type type type, and a bottle of Pellagrino.

Friendly reminder: find me fastest on Twitter, never FB.  I just feed my Tweets into there so something shows up.

Then they move to here.

Why I feel compelled to always show you my desk, I don’t know.  So many desk photos on here, on ‘The Canadian Explorer’… remember that time my desk gave me mold poisoning?

Kay I’ve gotta get moving here.  Have a great Saturday, TTYL


A Chair Covered in ‘Life Admin’

Life Admin: all the paperwork you have to do, that’s horribly dull and tedious, like bills & spreadsheets, taxes & filing, but must be kept on top of so that life runs smoothly.

Specifically, it’s a pile of tertiary-level Life Admin.

It was on a shelf, until I decided by putting it there, I’d deal with it faster. It’s not an effective method, you just end up sitting on it.

It took 90 minutes, and wasn’t that painful.

Life Admin in action.

Claiming ownership of this expression, it now belongs to me, forever, throughout the universe, into perpetuity.

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