I Don’t Go Shopping, I Go Buying

Happens bi-annually. 

Around now, then 6 months from now, because those are retail’s “make everything 70% off” cycles.

Right now a proper quality t-shirt is the proper price of $20.

I went this week. I’ve never loved shopping. Much of what you see me in is a decade old. I love malls for the people and atmosphere, not for the stuff.

Surprised myself, too.

Think I’ll wear it next Saturday night in Vegas at DefCon – the world’s largest hacker conference. 

Remember last year’s video Inside DefCon19 and the interview series (which is almost edited, and includes the best highlight reel I’ve ever made).

I shop alone.

On the rare occasion I require an opinion, I text a photo.

I have the toughest time finding simple, classic clothes.  Why does everything needs a ruffle or pocket or some accoutrement?

If I had a store, I’d call it ‘Plain’. 

  • 1 – outfit is sneakers and something I can try stuff on over, thus avoiding fitting room time
  • 2 – I find one shirt I like, buy it in many colours. See first photo as well
  • 3 – everything gets seam-ripped off.  Tags ruin the lines, and if you’re wearing anything sheer, you must.  

The Bay! 

Fact: it’s North America’s oldest company :O

Go to the third floor in the Eaton Centre one… endless labels, open and airy, no one bugs you, massive sale on.

Victoria’s Secret dressing rooms are beautifully lit #NoFilter.

‘Plain’ would definitely copy their lighting scheme. Sales ahoy.




Haircut Day

I checked in on Foursquare, and become Mayor?!  I’ve never been a Mayor before.

I rarely play Foursquare, 91 checkins since 2009, here’s my history.

Should I dye it all dark brown?

Thanks for 4 years of amazing hair, Brennen XO

Like we talked about, we’re due for another video.

Here’s our last one, from 2008.  Almost at 10,000 views :D

Go too.
416 301 1072








A New Week Starts Now

Pretty matter-of-fact blog post titles lately, huh.

I walk a lot.

Fresh air and exercise, no destination just wandering, off my phone, follow my heart around corners, sometimes day dreamy.

Like here.

—-> I imagine how I’d best get to the roof
* – I’m not alone – that plywood is someone’s security measure

Re-discovered Bulk Barn on Saturday.

Not scared of that.

Doesn’t it look like I photoshopped in my boots?

Now if ever I have to submit a photo of my plain face, I’ll come grab this one.  Efficiency yes!

Sunday cleaning.  Obviously.

Half the reason I declare that online each week is to remind myself one week of time has passed.

Time.  Goes.  Too.  Fast.

During cleaning I unpacked this.

You know that item of clothing you have, a pair of jeans or a dress?  That one you use to measure your weight and size, you keep even if they don’t fit, because they don’t fit. That’s this dress.

Hadn’t seen it in 9 months. Last summer the pleat in the front was splayed open and the zipper, oh.

Deep breath.

YA BUDDY. Here I am showing you it’s loose, AT THAT.

You stop eating McDonald’s all the time, and things can happen. It was a bit out of hand for a while there guys.  It’s just so fast and delicious.

Have a great Monday, and start to your week!

It’s Car Swap Day, TTY on Twitter from the road.