I Always Clean on Sundays

That way my home is sparkling and ready for a new week.

I put on fun shoes, jam my iPod in and we’re off, add some jazz hands to the dishes, rodeo lasso moves with the vacuum cord, that’s what’s happening.

I air everything out too, all windows and doors ajar forcing new and fresh air into my breathing space.  I’m big on air.

I like when it smells like nothing; those plug-ins and air fresheners are too much, I think. I hold my breath 90% of the time I open someone’s fridge.  That’s part of the reason I don’t cook, the smell would go everywhere and touch everything and gross.

Then some ice wine nectar of the gods to cap off an excellent weekend.

Cheers and here’s to a great start to your new week!

I’m Being All Deer-in-the-Headlights

Tonight I reflected back on my first week being online again; it was great…

4 videos, some posts on a solid big-girl blog on my own little server, still no Twitter till I fix my phone, found FinalCut fun again, and a general shift in everyday life to be actively always documenting. When I took a break over the summer I really took a break eh, I did the bare minimum on my email accounts and that’s it.

Know what though, I’m being all deer-ish, like I kinda went from dancing in the street at the Olympics to freezing up a bit before blogging a photo. It’s surprising me, and annoying me a little, and ya.

Getting into Facebook is coming soon WOW do I ever have a mental block against that site.  I could make a whole video just about that.  I’ve only ever uploaded 2 photos to it, I login bi-monthly.

Anyway, here’s the aforementioned video, “Celebrating the Olympics Through Dance”.

Ep #79 – Our Big Hockey Gold Win

Remember when we CRUSHED IT at the Van2010 Olympics this year??

Here’s the streets of Vancouver after our 14th world-record Gold Medal hockey win.


The guy at the end, love him, “here we gooooooo!”.

Thanks again to Canada Goose for outfitting me for the Games, they saved me because I was in real danger of looking like a raggamuffin.

If you’re going to be out playing street hockey on Saturday, register your team with them (which enters you to maybe win a prize pack) and join in their attempt to have the most recorded street hockey games day.  Good luck guys!

Loved this Thanksgiving

Squished in a lot, 700 km and two cities, old friend visits and laughing really hard with my family and HAVE you had a look around my new blog come ON.

This is the result of the kindness of Casie and Patrick yesterday and thank you guys, couldn’t have done this without you.

I’ve never had something so official… this is hosted on my own area of a server and I can control everything you see all by myself (finally!), and check out all the widgits I made to the right, ya I did!  Can you tell I’m excited?!  The guts of my new home online are like a Ferrari eh, I’m used to having like, a moped, that’s how much better this site is.

Here’s to a great week for ya, isn’t the weather just perfect?  Knew if I believed hard enough we’d get an Indian summer.  Funny how much a bright sunny sky can change your mood, huh.

Oh ps – coming this Thursday over at TheCanadianExplorer is Episode #79 – Our Big Hockey Gold Win