Played a Lot of Pool in August

I used to be really into it years ago.

I even have my own pool cue:

I’d forgotten how much I loved it.

Remember when I tweeted:

– Just got sooo hustled in pool, I’m laughing so hard right now.

– Won back the table with an epic 8-ball shot on the hustler. Been at this for hours. Ordered pizza to the bar. What an excellent Saturday night.

It was from this night.

I like doing drills, I don’t like playing doubles, an 18oz cue is ideal.

I find playing in my glasses tough, played in a league for a bit, I always stand like this.


Nice to see you again :)

I’ve got 5 videos here to post this upcoming week and a lot to tell you. My phone is broken so I can’t tweet again just yet though.

Happy to be back, Happy Thanksgiving to you, the weather is perfect this weekend eh.