About My New Newspaper Column Job

Starting tomorrow, I’ll have a regular 300-word column about car culture for Sun Media, specifically the paper 24 Hours Toronto, their automotive site AutoNet, and potentially in Sun publications across Canada.

I’ll be writing about car culture.  Topics like: how to make fast sharp turns safely; pedestrians need to back up; go for a lazy drive down to Cherry Beach because, when was the last time you did?

     Best parts about this:

          1 – I’m paid to write about something I blogged & videod for 5 years: I love driving

          2 – my email is published at the bottom of each article

          3 – I made a blog make money

Meet my editor Joe Duarte, and welcome to my blog, Joe!

We met at Honda’s First Ever Manual Driving School. He emailed that I almost hit him, I replied eye roll, he emailed back the below photo.

This photo is funny, and proves nothing.

This will be my profile pic for now, until their official photographer can book me in.  Which thankfully is not this week because omg look at my hair.  No don’t.

Taken while waiting in the lobby. Is this happening?

Am I signing this? I won’t have full control of something.

 I’m most excited to see my name in print,

in ink, on paper, to hold it in real life.

You can blog and blog and video and blog, and no matter how much you make, you can never hold it.

  • 1 – my celebratory burger & beer
  • 2 -I’ve been concerned about making the adjustment from blog writing to print writing, and seeing this made me feel better, “totes”
  • 3 – this too. I had that exact Fiesta in the spring.  I can do this.

Let’s DO this!

Really pumped guys!  Thanks for continuing to cheer me on.





Rested and Ready for a New Week

My car column kicks off this week!

When I mailed my draft earlier to my editor, my hand shook a bit over the send button, not gonna lie.

#SundayCleaning is complete, my first article is done and submitted, and my inbox is zeroed BOOM.

Uploading a video right now, well, kicking a video online.

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong, there’s no way it takes everyone this long to post a video, otherwise there’d be way less garbage on YouTube. Think I’ll make an appointment at the Apple store, get some Final Cut exporting advice. Get some.

Made it to my mailbox. Usually it’s just boring old bills, this time ha!  Free Beer does exist. Thanks Sapporo :) And may I compliment you on your beautiful penmanship.

Worked on my sidebar last night, that’s why there’s doubles and triples. I’m adding in new ones I made a few weeks ago, click here.

Then I went for a beer and read.

That’s one of my invisibility outfits, the look is, “I’m not here pay no attention leave me be”.

This weeks flowers.

Here’s to a strong and productive start to your week, one of our last of the summer, go offline and outside!


xo Keri