Saturday Night Big City Girl

Hi hi from home. I’m being quiet, blogging, listening to a radio feed coming out of a dance club in Woodbridge.

Whirlwind week woah #w

That’s it guys, 2013 is OVER. More detail on why here, but basically: everyone mentally checked out this weekend, the next 2 weeks are spent tidying yearly loose ends and Christmas parties, then blink it’s New Year’s, then here we go again.

Wanted to make it a good-end week, and it was: my KOD column mini-series on speeding tickets went over well; sold a big blog post; not to jinx it, but this editing help is going ok; confirmed, my new upscale jogging pants can be worn anywhere; my inbox is zeroed; and congratulations to a good ending for OOK Incorporated.

Closed my laptop lid last night at 9, been quiet ever since. Phone is on silent face down, lots of time in my couch nest, did a ton of Life Admin, and daydreamed the day away.

Imagination time is so important,
that’s where this all comes from.

Looked forward to making this all week – a real-life collage.

Ahhh making collages is so soothing, as I’ve said.  This is for a security post.

Painted my nails.

Tried something I saw online – first, cover your fingertips in glue -> paint your nails -> peel away the mistakes -> reveal a crisp manicure tada.

Nope, finicky and way too time consuming. Back to the old system – paint nails -> Brillo pad off mistakes > add clear coat.

Hey remember that video, about painting my nails, “Dropped & Caught my Nail Polish“?

Probably not, because my point is, that video surprised me how poorly it went over. Here, I’ll re-embed it.

Come ON.

Yes my otherworldly reflexes, but mostly, that this moment was caught on camera.

Filmed a Michelin tire drive event on Wednesday – race up to a plastic pad covered in ice, and fly around, nice.

Even found time this week to crush it at the casino.

Still have a video in my mind:

“How video poker strategy, is similar to a strategy that’s used to win at life”

Worked on my dance skills.  I actually quite love to dance. I invented a style years ago, been refining since.

Bottom left not bad symmetry, top right needs to be tighter, and bottom right oh, where has my back arch gone.

Imagine if one time, at a party…

Shuffle quietly across the floor, sneak a nod to the DJ, he mixes in a 20-second beats boom beats, out comes a whirlwind routine that includes flips aaaaand end POSE hold 1,2, melt away.

Me this week.

mmm may be wearing that fleece too much.  Blogging makes you notice things.

Next week ToDo’s includes booking cars into the new year, and finalizing my 3rd Annual Christmas Extravaganza. I figured out my exact plan on Tuesday, hard part is done, now to put it into action. Next week’s column is about data mining with Google, about how we shop for cars online. Oh and have to do my taxes, they’re due soon friendly reminder.

kk that’s it, TTY Monday, have a great rest-of-weekend.



Things from the Summer

From Fall 2010

Clockwise from top left:

– that’s a video circa 1968.  I’m so glad I don’t live in olden times

– each of those is a package I mailed somewhere

– I’ve always wished for my printing to be turned into a font (xmas gift hint ;)

– Canadian Explorer episode list

– website redesign sketch

– for a time years ago I switched from Mac to PC, and then back as soon as possible