We Lost a Magical Man #ThankYouSteve

I knew it was coming, and it was just as sad as if I didn’t.

I’ve had a Mac since I was 7, a Apple Macintosh, and I’ve looked up to him since then.

I wrote school reports about him in elementary school, and I always liked how he was exacting, tough and true to his imagination.

Look what came out of his imagination….. GUI / the mouse / iPod….. omg just to even list all of them is a daunting task, imagine dreaming it up and making it happen?

Can you imagine life without Apple? Exactly.

Gawker has some good retrospectives here, here and here.

(a PowerBook 170 circa 1991)

You can still send him good wishes, I’m pretty sure most of the world’s belief systems agree that you don’t just zoom out of your body onto the next, it takes time. So follow the instructions in the below video.

There are no Steve Jobs, I’ll always love you RIP.