Invented my First Recipe

Cooking does not come naturally to me;
so kind’ve a big deal, this.

1 – mix together avocado, cheese, cilantro and a dash of pepper
2 – prepare those, move off to the side (do not add to bowl yet)
3 – squeeze in. Not too much though, or it overpowers

MOST IMPORTANT – microwave it once for only 11 seconds. Remove, stir, repeat.

(only 11 though, any more and it cooks the avocado too much, and it tastes horrible when you have to eat it, because you just spent 35 minutes assembling this, and have no time for a do-over (I’m sooo slooow)).

Done cooking, stir in #2.

Toast the bread (and now you used heat, so it counts as “cooking”). Spread it around.

Then show it off on Skype.


(this has been a post)

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