Best 'Image of the Internet' I Ever Saw


Facebook & Twitter, the websites you visit, they’re floating at the top like Google.

Were you surprised at how large the Deep Web is?

It’s also know as: the Invisible Web, the Hidden web, the Deepnet, or the Undernet.

You’ll likely never visit there. The majority is publicly accessible, but not using your browser.

Surfing the Deep Web looks like this.

(NOTE: that’s just some Linux, not the actual Deep Web. Just wanted to give you a graphical example of how cruising the Deep Web is non-graphical)

Remember when that ‘User Based Billing’ incident happened in February ’11? And I made that rant-y video? Fast forward to 0:37, I’m talking about the Deep Web there.

Deep Web on Wikipedia

In my sidebar is another “internet in an image” image, it’s black.


I Went on URL Shopping Spree

I bought 20!!

I’ve been keeping a list for a few years, and an eye on whom to register with.

I like Hover for several reasons… they’re since 1999, they’re 100% Canadian, and when I call for help someone picks up in downtown Toronto. If you’re lucky, Mike picks up (he looks like this).

Starting at $15/year, privacy included!, and their interface is slick and easy.


Kay, ready for what I bought??

I made them into a beautiful Wordle…

There’s more not listed here, but that’s another Wordle for another time.

Full Disclosure – You bet I got a great deal, how else could I get so many? Thanks, Hover!

(this is the internet in an image)