Copy my Wedding Gift Idea

It went over so well that I received a photo of it via text, along with the message, “We love it! Cutest gift idea ever and so much fun to receive in the mail!”

Gift = admit I showed up empty handed:

It says:

I didn’t know what to do for the gift, so actually I showed up empty handed and watched what everyone does, oh envelope into the blue globe, copy that, please find enclosed!

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My Gift Idea to You

Wouldn’t it be fun to get this in the mail? I don’t know about you, but mostly I get boring bills.

I’ve always loved mail. When I was little I invented a game called “Mail” and made my brother to play it with me.

Below are the photos in the video.

If you would like to mail me something, I’d love that so much! Here’s my physical address.

The stick photo is by Suzy Lamont, my BFF and go-to professional photographer.  I think she should be yours, too.