SO nice out today, eh?!

Went on a walk with Casie. You know when the sky is just the right shade of blue? Like today, love it. It makes everyone a little happier.

Picked up two more hard drives, bringing my total to 2.5 terabytes of craaaap. I’m going to put Sandbox on my laptop soon.

Then I picked up these mirrored sunglasses. And like Casie said, “how do you not own a pair of those already”.

I got a parking ticket with an extra blank ticket attached, so I made this. Social experiment time!

And this concludes my first proper blog post from my phone. Only thing I’m wondering is how little WordPress here knows where to place the photos. Probably will have to publish this to find that out.

Have a great Friday night!

This is 'Morning Drive'

I invented it 10 years ago, it’s called “Morning Drive” and may I recommend you try it, too.

Remember, no going places! It’s not about that… it’s more for meandering and ruminating.

And did that floor you too? Toronto being the 5th largest city in North America?!

Here’s a shot of that satellite farm… if you watch TV in the GTA, it likely came through here.

And here’s the map of the route.

View Morning Drive – Cherry Beach in a larger map

(Song is “More” by Usher)

About the Usage Based Billing Issue #UBB

Thanks to

Rogue ISPs will be fun eh, I’d love to have one for you to use… in my imagination right now I’m bundled up outside in a little hut, yelling like a carnie to come on over, need some internet?

I also think shortwave radio will see a brief resurgence in popularity.

Lastly, here’s a friendly video reminder to change your passwords, because when was the last time you did?



I’ve Had a Cel for 13 Years

Bought a new one last week, another Blackberry Bold 9870.

Here’s my history since the beginning.

I miss the flip action. That StarTAC flipped close AMAZING, and you bet I wore that belt clip like a boss.

(there’s one missing above, between the two flips on the left, a Motorola V60 )

Maybe I’ll make a video, “My Electronics History”… because look, I have endless amounts of this stuff:

That’s a Sharp IQ-7200 from 1989, and my very first organizer.  See that?  64kb.

I should put some batteries in, see what kind of dossiers little-me had going on back then.

I’ve had a Mac for 25+ years.

In the mid 90s I was “that Mac girl”, making iron-on t-shirts that read, “You can take my Mac, when you peel my cold dead hands off the mouse”… if I ever find a photo, I’ll blog it.