I’ve Had a Cel for 13 Years

Bought a new one last week, another Blackberry Bold 9870.

Here’s my history since the beginning.

I miss the flip action. That StarTAC flipped close AMAZING, and you bet I wore that belt clip like a boss.

(there’s one missing above, between the two flips on the left, a Motorola V60 )

Maybe I’ll make a video, “My Electronics History”… because look, I have endless amounts of this stuff:

That’s a Sharp IQ-7200 from 1989, and my very first organizer.  See that?  64kb.

I should put some batteries in, see what kind of dossiers little-me had going on back then.

I’ve had a Mac for 25+ years.

In the mid 90s I was “that Mac girl”, making iron-on t-shirts that read, “You can take my Mac, when you peel my cold dead hands off the mouse”… if I ever find a photo, I’ll blog it.