Fake Engine Sounds, it’s Happening

It’s a dichotomy – a quieter engine is a more technologically
advanced and efficient one

But the problem is we consumers still associate noise with power, so automakers are faking it.

Who’s doing it? The list includes BMW, Ford, Lexus, Porsche, Toyota, VW and more.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

My proposed compromise:

So to the automakers – not sure this is your best idea, guys. Buyers aren’t happy, and the lack of information on your sites makes you seem shady.

I propose a compromise: keep adding the fake engine sounds, but also tell the buyer that you did. Then add an FAQ to your website on how to disable it, or better yet, add in an “off” switch.


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My 1st Toyota – 2015 Camry XSE V6

First ever, really! Bit spoiled though, since this is the top of the line, as-good-as-it-gets Camry – the all-new XSE V6 sport trim.

2015 Toyota Camry
Starting at $23,850
This one $33,650

3.5 L 6-cyl atuomatic transmission engine
268 hp and 248 lb.ft. of torque

To be honest, I never much paid attention to the Camry because it was rather bland. Now it’s opposite.

If I show you only the bumpers, bet you’d be surprised it’s a Camry. Pretty sporty eh, with some Lexus front-end influence:

My 2 favourite things about this car

2nd favourite is the steering – it was weighted so well, precise, effortless and well-balanced, making it very enjoyable to drive.

1st favourite thing was the centre stack…

… with its hard buttons and large knobs.

Why? So ergonomic, and early into the test week I could operate the entire thing without looking, which is as it should be. Which is rarer than you may realize, especially with all touch-controls being so en vogue, eye roll.

Good finishings and materials, sporty contrast stitching, the arrow is pointing to a semi-hidden compartment #security

I’d like to test the base model of this, see if the steering is as awesome.

But I get it now, why the Camry is one of North America’s best-selling vehicles, for years.



Canadians Dominate the Auto Industry

Canadians dominate the auto industry – but we’re pretty quiet about it – which is why this week I’d like to do some bragging, politely.

I’m singling out Nissan, BMW, GM, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota, then the auto journalists too.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The ending – last 3 paragraphs:

And then there’s the Canadian auto journalists – and I think this is indicative of our culture – we are consistently booked into one of two waves… 


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Kids in Karts in kartSTART

Give ’em a healthy respect for speed early on.

kartSTART – Safety through education, brought to you by Toyota

Says founder Russ Bond:

“This kartSTART program is very unique in several ways,” Russ Bond Agency, Inc (RBA) owner Russ Bond says. “What we teach here is how a vehicle works. What makes it go, what makes it stop, and what makes it turn. We teach our students what is happening to the vehicle as they travel down the road. The key here is we teach youngsters in vehicles that fit them, our karts.” Bond adds.

I got out there, and got schooled by an 11 year old (hi Tim).

(photo credit: Gary Grant)


Gary writes and photos for Wheels.ca, and has blogged forever too (since 2005, nice): TheGarageBlog.com

The program is travelling coast-to-coast this summer, click here for the schedule.

If you ever get the chance, go drive a go-kart.
It’s a good reminder of what speed really feels like,
and brings back a respect for driving & the road

(here’s a column and video about that)