Kids in Karts in kartSTART

Give ’em a healthy respect for speed early on.

kartSTART – Safety through education, brought to you by Toyota

Says founder Russ Bond:

“This kartSTART program is very unique in several ways,” Russ Bond Agency, Inc (RBA) owner Russ Bond says. “What we teach here is how a vehicle works. What makes it go, what makes it stop, and what makes it turn. We teach our students what is happening to the vehicle as they travel down the road. The key here is we teach youngsters in vehicles that fit them, our karts.” Bond adds.

I got out there, and got schooled by an 11 year old (hi Tim).

(photo credit: Gary Grant)


Gary writes and photos for, and has blogged forever too (since 2005, nice):

The program is travelling coast-to-coast this summer, click here for the schedule.

If you ever get the chance, go drive a go-kart.
It’s a good reminder of what speed really feels like,
and brings back a respect for driving & the road

(here’s a column and video about that)


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