Can You Dine Out Alone?

If yes: can you do it without a book, or constantly being on your phone?

I am ridiculously good at this.

When I got my licence and was allowed to take out the car alone, the first thing I did was take myself to dinner at Swiss Chalet.

Try it: it’s an enjoyable meal; listening in on the tables around you never gets old; and no one is staring at you thinking you’re a loser, promise.



It Was a Great Week!

It was productive, there were a lot of loud laughs, a few rolls of the dice paid off.

Remember to occasionally swing for the fences, and it’s called a dream for a reason.

All my blog photos are here, in these albums, if you’d like to peruse.

That’s my Google+ account, circle me on in.

What the text says.

(Photo by Rannie)

Did you see Casie on eTalk?!?

She spoke about the Royal Family Canadian visit as a Social Media Expert, and she killed it. Click here to watch.

Well done, missy!

I won #CreepTuesday this week!

#CreepTuesday is a game of stealth smart phone using. Taking a secret picture of a poor, unfortunate soul, and posting it online. Karma’s going to be a b-tch to us, but hey, it’s entertaining our friends all over North America –

You can play too, send photos to: @Shankell @Kristikenn @Chris_Huey

My winning photo.

I’d like to thank the Academy.

I love this photo of me.

Do you ever visit my other blog?

Posts are mostly a title and one photo.  I think you’d like it.


Recent highlights include:

– I kinda want to see inside here, kinda not
– sports teams had funny names in olden times
– we’re getting new $100 bills, Canada
tactical jewellery
– we’ll all have wallets like this soon #RFID #security

That’s So Meta!

Casie tweeted the one of the left.

That’s the iPad they give you at e11even, it has the wine list on it (600+ wines).

In Notes I found one, someone had written, “I hacked this!“.  No, you didn’t.

Beautiful place, and what you wanna do is order from their $11 menu; that’s the trick.

I’ll leave you with this.

Have a great Saturday night!!

dermaglow and the Lightbox and NO Scent

dermaglow is a decade-old Canadian company that produces skin care products really well.

Last week they threw a party to launch their latest line, and I helped celebrate!  It was a sunny afternoon, at the top of the TIFF Lightbox, look how beautiful.

Hiya Casie!

Click here to read her post, especially the meta part, ahaha oh I love meta.

I’d love some, thanks. And it was SO good.

When have you ever heard me talk about or recommend food here…. never, exactly, THAT good. Oliver & Bonacini.

I accidentally matched the decor.

Meet Solen, Product Development Manager, the lady on the right. Her accent is so pretty, and during her presentation the Twitter stream was filled with such comments. There’s a lot of science in action; they’re inserting molecules into other ones, so the inside ones don’t touch your skin. I know.

Did you know some companies add wax? Dermoglow has no parabens, articial frangrances, dye or soap.

Yup NO SMELL. You know how I feel about smells.

Now meet founder Jerry Smith, welcome to my bloooog.

60% of their products have anti-aging agents, and they have SPF products, so important people please: remember to wear a lot of sunscreen this summer.

This is their The Essential Line – 6 core items formulated as the first step in skincare. 4 cleansers and 2 moisturizers, 3 of which ought to cover you just fine… 1 exfoliator, 1 cleanser, 1 moisturizer ($45).

I ran a test this weekend, just their stuff. Conclusion: my skin is happier, bouncier, if you will. And my skin is sensitiiiive, I have some bad stories.

Coming soon is their newly re-designed packaging, keep your eyes peeled around early fall. Minimal, white and blue, I like it ;)
Follow them on Twitter: @dermaglow