Nice to Meet You, Brooks

I’m Keri, Pete’s sister.

I’m the one screwing up on air here, sorry Pete!

I’ve been blogging and making videos since 2007… you can sit down and watch me for 8 edited hours, ha.

Meet me in some of my videos.

Pete and I are both car nuts and love driving.

I had a show for 3 years celebrating Canada. I covered the Olympics for Sun Media, was CBC’s inaugural made-for-web show, it was awesome.

But maybe my favourite episode was when… I talked my way onto a warship.

Exploring the Canadian Navy

I like this simple one, too.

Pete and I are also love playing pool, and we’re ridiculously competitive.

Find me fastest on Twitter @KeriBlog, and sorry about my messy blogs, I just finished rebuilding them.

See you around town this week, Brooks, if you see us yell hi!

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