Spent Saturday at ‘I’m a Mega Nerd’ Class

Learned about MySQL and plugins, databases and sub-domains, been looking forward to this since the fall.

If you need WordPress help with your site, you need Andy.

Now to put my URL collection to use.

Brochure sites ahoy!

Trying out Themify.  It’s very GUI, like my old SquareSpace site.

Then I saw that.



Red Bean Jump Animated



Spot the Problem with Banner Ads

My 2014 Chrysler 300 review is positive, I called it a segment leader even.

But the negative banner ad displayed at the top, claims the opposite.

Oh boy.

That’s why there’s no banner ads around here; it’s tough to totally control, and isn’t worth the $60/month I’d make.

(not picking on Autonet, they get way more traffic than KeriBlog, so different thought process.)