I’m Being All Deer-in-the-Headlights

Tonight I reflected back on my first week being online again; it was great…

4 videos, some posts on a solid big-girl blog on my own little server, still no Twitter till I fix my phone, found FinalCut fun again, and a general shift in everyday life to be actively always documenting. When I took a break over the summer I really took a break eh, I did the bare minimum on my email accounts and that’s it.

Know what though, I’m being all deer-ish, like I kinda went from dancing in the street at the Olympics to freezing up a bit before blogging a photo. It’s surprising me, and annoying me a little, and ya.

Getting into Facebook is coming soon WOW do I ever have a mental block against that site.  I could make a whole video just about that.  I’ve only ever uploaded 2 photos to it, I login bi-monthly.

Anyway, here’s the aforementioned video, “Celebrating the Olympics Through Dance”.