I Haven't Talked Since Friday

Right now it’s Sunday 4pm.

I was last heard from Friday at 5:30pm, and have been silent ever since.

Tweeted this Saturday, because it was true.

Nothing horrible happened to me, I’m okay.

I wouldn’t call it the best week I ever had, and it was maybe my worst Summer Solstice, the ‘getting paid to blog’ scenario has me exasperated….. I don’t know, just felt like being quiet and daydreaming and imagining a lot, so I did.

I went for a Morning Drive both days.

Finished two books.

Queen and Country by Greg Rucka
Fatal System Error by Joseph Menn

Thought deeply. Which means I sat a lot with my hand over my mouth, that’s my thinking position.  Made tons of notes.

Staying like this till I wake up tomorrow, then it’s back to normal, ttythen :)