Such a Nice Saturday! This is My Face!


Finally some sun this week eh, least it came on the weekend.  Buds are out on the trees now – proof of spring.

And isn’t this parking spot confusing?

I didn’t get a ticket, , it’s on Bathhurst and Niagara, now you know.

I’m blogging here while this song is jammed in my ears, then going to kick around downtown this afternoon.

Went to a Chilean Wine Tasting at the Spoke Club Tuesday, hosted by Notable TV. They’re soon launching in multiple Canadian cities, and if you live there, go attend their events, they’re great.

There’s footage of me saying something like that, “I like these things because it’s a good crowd, no douche bags”. I probably shouldn’t go on camera after tasting wine on an empty stomach.

It’s Pam, Casie and Karly! Always good seeing you, ladies.  Here’s Casie’s (better) blog post about the event.

Then we snuck out, Irish Goodbye as she calls it.

In other news, next weekend we’re hosting CUTC – the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, pumped.  This crowd will like my Skynet jokes, ha.

And that’s right, thought computing!  It is the future, you heard it here first.

You’ve heard me go on and on about it over the years…. like in My 2012 Prediction and other times when I’ve blogged about Canadian company InteraXon… one of the world’s leading thought-control-computing companies.

They were at the Olympics last year, fast forward to 0:43 below and I’ll explain them a bit.

It’s UFC day!

I’ve had it in my calendar forEVER. Definitely more excited for this than yesterday’s wedding.

The best part won’t be the actual event, it’ll be the aftermath…. everyone hopped up on testosterone and adrenaline, rolling outta there thinking they’re GSP… the city’s gonna be nuts tonight.

Kay getting offline now, TTYL!

Have a great night

xo Keri

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