I Don't Like Fruit

Never eaten it.

I have to specify always when ordering, “no fruit”, because it comes on everything. It’s the worst, because one piece can infect the whole plate.

My most hated is oranges, the most common fruit garnish.  Oranges are so pungent; if I’m in a small room and someone starts to eat one, I leave.

I’ll eat raspberries, occasionally blueberries, that’s it.


How Did I Never Think of this Before?

Every nutrient I need, with a prep > eat > clean time that’s the most efficient ever!

Went with the vegan protein one; figure it’ll have the least chemicals and filler.

It’s doesn’t taste the worst, and it really does give you energy and good feelings.

Imagine how much time I just saved, over the rest of my life: months

(this has been a BloggingAboutFood.com post)