I Consider This Cooking

This is my first official post for BloggingAboutFood.com.

That’s a good and straight-forward URL there.

I have eating-out-on-the-go down to a science, no seriously you have no idea, science.

But in the last 4 months I changed a bit, and what you see here is a lot for me.  That this came from my fridge.  And there is a vegetable there, wait twooooo vegetables.

I wish though, that there was a pill I could take each morning. Think about how much time you’d save, like a full-time-job’s worth of time.

Anyway, Blogging About Food, it’s gonna be great! 


The Biggest My Face Has Ever Been

Haha :)

Until I was invited to this, I’d completely forgot about Jello.

Jello sent me home with a box, and it’s just right for my level of cooking-skills (boil water & stir).

So I did.

I served to some guests, who remarked, “woah Jello, I forgot about Jello, neat [smile]”.

Which is what you want your dinner guests to say, because now you are a fun and exciting host, how easy was that.