My First Track Time

First ever!

I’ve driven a gokart on a car track, a car on a gokart track, and plenty of autocross courses in parking lots. But this was my first proper time, in a car around a car track.

It was done in a 2014 Honda Civic Si at Mosport.
It’s a 2.4L outputting 205 hp and 174 ft-lbs.
Starting at $26,710
Manual, obviously. It’s a good, short throw.

I documented the occasion.

My two biggest mistakes are: I brake way too late, and into the corners I’m, wait for it, too aggressive.

Who you hear coaching me is this guy, Honda IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe.

Liked your coaching style, thanks James! Best of luck this season.

I interviewed him for a ‘Keri on Drivingcolumn about concentration, here. Because really, without concentration, everything else, all the tech, tires and money, are for not.

Thank you Honda, for giving me my first track time.

And it’s rather appropriate, because Honda was one of the first manufacturers to bet on my blog. Here’s our history.



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