The Mazda Adventure Rally – Day 2

10 hours of driving today.

All along the kinds of roads that look like the ones in my imagination. Recently paved, no gravel, twist switchback hairpin hairpin, through a bright green forest that smelled so good, and no other cars.

After hours of shifting along this, I was in a meditative state, so calm, so serene.

I had to navigate like in olden times – paper maps and a highlighter.

Oh boy, how many posts around here say “woah guys, so lost”? I know. I was all “phft, I’ll just use my phone”… but most of the day there was no cel signal because we were in the deep backwoods of Georgia.

Turns out it’s not too hard actually, when you stop daydreaming so much, and apply a little logic.

Photo by Ronnie Fung (ty!)

Last round is tomorrow.  This morning my team was tied for 3rd.  Will find out at breakfast tomorrow morning where today’s challenges landed us.

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Today took the top spot on my, “Best Test Drive Day to Date” list.

Former #1, now #2 – Napa Vally with VW’s Jetta, last summer.

My second-day report for the newspaper will be live tomorrow at 11am.

And above will be the lead photo.

While I was taking it, a UPS driver pulled up behind me, “hey, you wanna take one of my truck there next?” HA.

Then… then… THIS.

Section 2C was listed int he guide book as “A Surprise”. I pulled up to … the Atlanta Motorsport track.

My first track time!

Obviously it’ll get its own post.

My best lap was 1:16, David bested me by a second at 1:15, and best overall was Ronnie with 1:10.

Three blind hills like this, screeching tires, and I made the car smell so good.

I want more.

kk it’s 1am, and I have to check in at 7:30. Send good luck for the last leg tomorrow, night TTYT



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