Deadlines Done, now Let’s Day Drink

No dramatics, soon as I hit publish I’m disconnecting from the intenert and cracking a Coors Light.

I already picked up Casie from the train station, she’s downstairs blogging right now, my house is filled with typing sounds.

Here, I’ll show you…

We’re like, the last 2 bloggers standing…  first in, then was the era where everyone and their dog had a blog, then we outworked and outlasted them all and are probably two of the most successful bloggers in the country.

kk enough, time for ridiculous jokes I can’t begin to explain, and can’t wait because the last time I partied while the sun was up was…. a year? At least.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! XO

TTY Monday, have a great weekend and I’ll cheers you in 3, 2, 1…