In TO at the TSO with CAA

Never been a music fan; I listen to silence 85% of the time.

When I do though, it’s top 40, house or classical.

The only song on my iPhone is strings; I’ve blogged this place before; and I set all 80 episodes of ‘The Canadian Explorer’ to classical music. Here’s an episode that relies solely on the soundtrack:

Exploring a Fair  # 5/80   aired September 2007

I think hearing classical played live is good for you, in a ‘vibrations & frequencies‘ way.

This was intermission, see? No black tie.

Not sure why the symphony has that reputation. From what I saw, no jeans or jogging pants, and otherwise you’re fine.

TSO, I have an idea: designate a section ‘screen friendly’.  All sound is prohibited obviously, but the etiquette could be, “it’s okay to use your laptop/phone to work quietly in this area”.

Because maybe there’s more people like me, who would love to sit and write/blog/work, while listening to the orchestra.

And to be sitting quietly and daydreaming

with 2,600 other people, I love it.

I went by myself.  I bought the cheapest ticket ($29) at the last minute, which meant no one was behind me, or 3 seats on either side, NICE.

Pro-tip #1 – use your CAA card to receive 20% off

The math is: $29 -20% = $23

Doesn’t matter to be in the nosebleeds, the acoustics are great, and you’re not missing much without a closeup view. Here’s the TSO concert schedule, and here’s CAA’s LifeSide Assistance discount details.  Click here for a full list of CAA partners; their reach might surprise you, it did me.

(Follow CAA on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, and if you’re driving without roadside assistance, that’s foolish, join now)

Don’t feel bad about leaving at intermission, I didn’t.

Pro-tip #2 – take the subway

The parking around the concert hall is finite and expensive, the price of the ticket, at least.

Out-of-towners, it’s easy:

Take the VIA or GO train > Union Station > off train, walk underneath the street, onto subway > 1 stop > off at St. Andrews > follow the signs on the wall to Roy Thompson Hall

(this post has been brought to you by CAA)

PS – Points for an aesthetically pleasing title.


Hi From the Symphony

See that thing behind me? Know how much math is in there? So cool.

What wasn’t so cool was… what happened to dressing up for the symphony? I saw socks in sandals, beige adventure pants and tshirts. Maybe I’m behind the times.

Know what happened though? Not sure if you know this, but I’m the CEO of “The Perfect Timing Club”.

Okay so: my cab pulled up, I walked through the door as they were closing them, up the two flights, the attendants are hushing, “swiftly now”… down the stairs to my seat centre row first balcony* and 5 SWEAR 5 seconds later the lights dim and they kick it off.  One of my better entrances in a while.

It all evened out later, as it always does with me; look:

“Stay ups” whatEVER, and I had to keep yanking them.

Tchaikovsky is my favourite guy, and think about going too.  Leave at intermission if that’s enough… but hearing classical that loud is good for your brain maybe.

* that’s where the best acoustics are, from a good source.  And here’s where to sit in Massey Hall, too.