How I Submitted my Taxes

In a premium Honda ad spec ha. Auto for life.

Handed over during my accountant and my annual end-of-year lunch. Every year I say the same thing, “THIS is the year the blog pays off, I just know it.”  And he smiles and says something encouraging, even though every year I’m wrong.

Except this time… after all these years, this one I’m right.

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Why I Don’t Mind Paying Taxes

There’s 2 reasons:

1 – paying more tax means I’m making more money

2 – everything comes with a price, including living in the world’s best country.

Doesn’t mean I like doing them though. It’s like an exercise in being bored-to-death. Luckily I have the world’s best accountant who never loses patience with me. Thank you, S!

So like all good slackers, I took advantage of this year’s 5-day extension, and am thrilled to type as of 1 hour ago taxes were filed and paid, it is OVER.



And That's Boring Old Taxes DONE

This is the taxes station I set up.

I don’t understand getting worked up about paying more taxes…
more tax means you’re making more money

They are boring though, the dullest thing ever to do.

This was the best part of the whole process.

Fellow OCD-ers: it was as fun as it looks.