The Original

Founded October 8 2010

It’s still live over at

First post.

There’s about 5 posts, including:

– playing pool, with a jumpshot video

– that I changed my Twitter name (I’m formerly KeriCDN, eh)

– and an awkward video of me babbling to the camera, about how “Canadian Explorer’ was over, welcome to the all-new KeriBlog lalala

Me on founding day.

Remember in summer 2011, when I amalgamated all my URLs under one umbrella: ahah, that still has legs.

Woah I was on a Blackberry! Remember that browser gah. When did I switch to iPhone wait, probably blogged it brb…

… ya I did – First Post from my iPhone

That’s a video in the middle, re-embedding now.

Bit of a cheap editing trick a bit, but still kinda neat, the page looked just like it. All the sticky-notes were image-mapped wait again, that still may be my ‘About’ page here… brb… … ya it is. Kay that’s bad.

I came across this old blog, while working on the new one.

I have 8 ‘About’ pages to polish now, then sidebar images to amalgamate and create.  Expect a post with a sidebar collage.  It’s all about the sidebar.