The Strombo Party was a Great Party

Casie, Lauren and I attended George Stroumboulopoulos’s party, which was _the_ TIFF party that night.

It was held at ONE bar inside Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville, you can stay there tonight for $1000.

Here’s the red carpet.

We were photographed and interviewed here, while those people looked on.

Fortunately the girls got better photos than me, so I went and grabbed them.

Casie and our host, George.

Toronto’s four favourite blonde bloggers.

Behind me is Amber Mac, finally we met.  She does a great job, has a million internet shows, a book; she’s been killing it online for forever.

And that’s Sarah, who introduced herself as, “hey I’m the one that stalked you on Twitter that rainy night”, ha!  Because she did.

I was tucked into a dark doorway on Queen Street in a hat a rainy night weeks ago, and she tweeted she’d spotted me driving past.  Good spy skills, lady.  (here’s her blog post about tonight).

This photo was on CBC Live.

Did you know I was CBC’s ‘inaugural made-for-web show”?  Yup.

Bono showed up, Clive Owen, John Hamm. I didn’t see any of them. I heard a rumour Bono deploys “fake Bonos” around town as decoys, funny eh.

Click here to see photos of all the famous folk who showed.

A happy me skipping home.