Best Buy is Good for Christmas Shopping

Yes they have what I’m looking for in stock, it’s open late, but why I go there is the people.

I find they’re educated, and always friendly.

If you go to the flagship store downtown in Dundas Square, look for Drady, she’s awesome.

I was there on Friday, it’s that time of year…

I use WD Passport harddrives, they talk well with Mac.

I think that would be an excellent gift – backups.  

Especially if you actually performed the backing up for the recipient, made sure it got done. Because backing up never seems to get done.  What Will Your Gift Do? That one would give peace of mind. Good gift. You always want your gift to work on a few levels.

(pro tip – always backup twice to 2 different hard drives, and store one in a different physical location than the other)

And if you’re stuck for ideas, you can’t go wrong with either of these:

Nintendo Wii U (Basic Set) – delivers stunning high definition graphics and revolutionary controls through the Wii U GamePad touchscreen. Enjoy full backwards compatibility with Nintendo Wii and a revamped online offering through the Nintendo Network, too.

Ubisoft Just Dance 4 – this is the latest installment in the world’s #1 dance game franchise, available on all motion-gaming platforms, including the new Wii U.

‘Just Dance 4’ is one of “the” Christmas gifts this year, it’ll go over well. Plus, you might be giving a future dance star their start, now that’s a good gift.



2nd Annual ‘Keri’s Christmas Extravaganza’

Win 1 of 2 Amazing Prize Packs!

$3,200 in Prizes to be Won!

1 – Samsung Galaxy 111 / HTC One X – $600
2 – Ninendo Wii U + Ubisoft Just Dance 4 – $300 + $50
3 – Got Style Gift Certificate, Canada’s premiere menswear store – $100
4 – Limited Edition F1 Infiniti Racing Jersey – $150
5 – Swarovski Jewelry – $200
6 – silk scarf / tie from Ruffian & eBay – $100
7 – Headlight Restoration Kit – $37
8 – 4 tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame – $80

     Total Value – $1,600

BUT WAIT there’s more – each Prize Pack is filled with more tiny gifts, like stocking stuffers…

… this Extravaganza, it just. keeps. going.

HOW Can I Win?

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Keri’s Christmas Extravaganza! 


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Winner Drawn WHEN

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WHO is Eligible  

All of Canada, of course!

Coast to coast, I’ll mail you your Extravaganza.

(sorry US, I’ll get you next year)

WHY am I doing this?

I get and do a lot of fun stuff, because of my blog, because people like you read it, and so I want to share.

I’ll upload a video this weekend, but really it’s just that: thanks for always checking in xo

Okay So!  PRIZES!

To see the prizes up close, click “More” below (heads up: the page is big).

Thanks for a great year guys,

you’re my favourite part of it all.

Merry Christmas!


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