Judge Live Demos to Assess a Phone Before Buying

Not all cell phone stores use live models. Most stores put dummy phones on display: same shell but no guts; fake phones.

Fake is cheaper, but Best Buy Mobile displays live demos of the most popular phones.

And the public paws the crap out of them. 

That’s why they’re good test subjects, all lined up in a row, handled and mauled all day long.  If there’s going to be a weak spot on the phone, you’re going to see it.

(ever seen Motorola’s stab proof phone?)

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Cell Phone Carriers are like Automakers

It seems like there’s lots of cell phone carriers, but not really.

Much like auto manufactures, each carrier has:
a higher-end brand (Lincoln)
 & a value brand (Ford)

I made a chart.

Best Buy Mobile offers all of them, plus all the phones, a one-stop-mobile shop.

(this post has been brought to you by Best Buy)



3 Reasons Why to Buy at Best Buy Mobile

I buy most of my gear at Best Buy, because I like the staff there.

So when they reached out to see if I’d like to blog for them, it was an easy yes. I visited the Best Buy Mobile centre at their flagship store, and learned why it is I’ve always liked the people.

(L-R – Shaneel, mobile manager Sug, me. Find them at the Dundas Square location, they’re fun)

#1 – the staff does not work for commission

It’s a friendly, educated team who genuinely want to help. And many of them are mega-nerds too, or like Sug put it well, “we’re like their smart friend”.

So because there’s no commission involved, that’s how

#2 –  Best Buy can sell phones for less 


– iPhone 5s regularly – $229, Best Buy price – $179 ($60 less)
– Samsung Galaxy s4 – regularly $179, Best Buy price – $99 ($80 less)

Saved the big one for last…

#3 – they’ll transfer your contacts, for free

This is a big deal, it’s harder than you think.

Each phone manufacturer has their own way of doing things, files are proprietary: a Samsung address book won’t talk to an iPhone one.

So unless you use the cloud*, porting over your address book between devices is difficult.  I’ve spent a reasonable amount of critical thinking on this, which is why if there’s an opportunity I always ask “how?” Mostly I get back a stumped face.

Not this time.

Launched in August and called “The Genie“, move your contacts between any device.

My eyebrows went up, this makes Best Buy rare, 1/2 in the country maybe. And really, without your contacts,  it’s a paperweight, who are you going to text?

* haven’t yet decided if I trust the cloud, will blog why

(this post has been brought to you by Best Buy)



That’s the Business Year of 2012 Complete

Hope you had a good ending, too.

Mine is below, plus I moved a mountain, right down to the wire on Friday. I like to think I finished with a little flourish.

I love how the world collectively shuts down each year like this.

I had a big Friday morning deadline, stood up from my laptop at 2am, then went for a cruise with fellow Autonet-er Russ.

He’d decided in case the world really did end, he wanted to be out driving.

Watch; it’s an automatic, too:

Ha! I’ve been pulling all-nighters for 2 weeks now, and this was a great ending to that.

Photobombing will never get old. Hi Shawna!

5 years I’ve been blogging Brennen,
& this may be his best blonde yet #B

Go too: Brennen Demelo Studio –  416 301 1072 – 316 Adelaide street West

I don’t miss my white blonde hair, but it took many months to be able to say that. Fellow platinums – it’s a bit of a shock, when you transition down in tone.

The Extravaganza is complete!  Both Prize Packs have been delivered to winners: Cara Eng, Toronto, and Glenn Morton, Kingston.  Congratulations!

I didn’t mean for it to get so big, it just kept working – $3,200 in prizes. That’s more than some national franchises, my little blog.

Thanks again PR companies, it was great working together this year.

I was very quiet this weekend, in recovery mode, slept in late today.

My overly-dramatic letter opener.

Did paperwork, Life Admin, light manual labour and no-brainer chores; I can see the floor again.

Of course I shred.

This is my face.

Now back to being quiet, TTYT

xo Keri



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Why am I doing this?

Because of my blogI get and do a lot of fun stuff, because people like you read it, and so I want to share and give back. Why do I need 4 phones.

Maybe it seems crazy that I’m giving away so many prizes, but it was a successful blog year, for sure my best yet.  The prizes are: gifts I received, and items from PR companies I worked with during the year, who were also excited to have an Extravaganza.

What will I do with your email?

1 – Use it to choose the winner at random.

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Good luck & Merry Christmas! Thanks for always checking in.

xo Keri


PS – ‘Just Dance 4’ is “the” Chrismtas gift this year. Find it in in-stock at Best Buy.