The 7 Best Words of 2015

The words were spoken by my boss on December 22, during the confirmation meeting at my new job.

This double rainbow actually happened on the drive home from the meeting.

“You’re here because of your blog, Keri.”

As in – I turned a blog into a real pay cheque.

Hence the “YA I did” camera angle.

Maybe the extra good luck came from having one of my favourite cars of 2015 for a second week…

… a 2016 Cadillac ATS.

Maybe, but probably more because hard work and the high road pays off.



Hi Hi from Atlanta GA

On the road again, here we go.

I can pack for a week in 20 minutes.

It helps that almost everything I own is black.

Double rainbow.

Wait – I wonder if there is meaning behind seeing one… hang on I’ll look it up…:

Double rainbow – a symbol of transformation. Considered very auspicious should you see one. A sign from the universe something great is about to fall in my lap.

Driving driving boring straight driving.

I miss driving standard.

Flowers on the trees make a blog pretty.

IMPORTANT: I barely have internet, and looks like it’ll be that way all week. Sorry in advance. Really need a cel phone sponsor.