Now _That_ was a Long Weekend

My neighbour and I kicked it off Friday night in my front yard laughing our heads off, putting the world to rights and playing YouTube DJ.

The grainy photos convey the evening’s tone.

He gave me a lawnmower, and Saturday morning I cut my lawn for the very first time using “Little Red.” A task that takes way longer than I thought it would.

Satisfying though, because it’s a task that’s polar opposite of what I usually do (type myself into oblivion.)

Sunday my neighbours took me ATVing on a motocross track (told ya I have the best neighbours.)

This Week’s Car was perfect for the occasion, too – a 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Have a dedicated post about ATVing coming soon, until then here’s the short story – loved it, want more.

Of course the weekend included one of these.

To which I was a hit when I showed up with a basket of beer thanks to Bud Light #BudLightApple

Monday I meandered around and didn’t feel like documenting, so didn’t.

Only photo I took.

Hope you had a great long weekend too. Now let’s attack this week.



I Used to Think this was a Good Idea

Beer available 24/7.

But remember when I lived in the States like a gypsy in 2012? That’s when I learned it’s not that great, it’s too….. easy.  Accessible.


… know how it’s always the best idea to get more beer when you run out, but really, it’s a terrible idea? Like that.

Here’s an old blog tag – Differences between Canada & USA