The Sidebar is Looking Pretty Great, eh?!

Have you noticed the beauty?  Big blog doings, since the Sidebar is the Essence of a Blog

The new sidebar, now with:  less placeholders and more widgets; a new bio with a current photo; the return of ‘This Week’s Car’; drop down menus and multiple search bars, rotating photos, come ON

I’m being dramatic, it’s okay, it looks like nothing, I know.  But that’s 14 hours straight, no dramatics, eating at my computer, it was a Saturday, my shoulder was burning, no wonder I procrastinated so hard.

But two weekends ago, remember the big storm?  I was supposed to be travelling, so my whole day got cancelled, so I settled in, bit the bullet and built it.

I also made 50 more Sidebar Art pieces.

There’s an accompanying spreadsheet, each leads to a different post. They’re not installed yet though, just the prep work is done.

After these are live, there’s one more batch of sidebars to make, ‘Car Reviews’… I guess I can link up about 30 reviews.

After that’s done, the next project is ‘Pages’.

Have you ever clicked a link in the top nav bar?  Don’t.

Made a couple headers too.



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