If I Wore Printed T-shirts, I Would Wear These

Ever notice I’m always in the same T-shirt, plain and light grey? For 5 years and one million photos?

I never wear printed anything, no logos, no sayings, I like blank best.

Once they wear out, pill or shrink, I Sharpie sayings onto the front, and wear them around home.  Then I save them into a vacuum-sealed bag, that I’ve moved with 9 times anyway, so I can one day make a video called, “My 10 Grey T-shirts”, not joking.

But if I wore printed T-shirts, I’d wear these.


To be clear, these would be worn ironically.

The ‘was‘ is why it’s funny.

Sometimes I buy them to give away, and live vicariously.

If you were to recieve a T-shirt gift from me, the presentation would look like this:

That is slated for the mail Monday morning. That is also a test, to see how regularly the recipient reads my blog. Bit of an unfair test though, because he’s on dial-up.

Got this as a gift years ago, funny eh.

But onward with plain gray.



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