Heads-Up Display is Coming your Way – HUD

I don’t like most new auto technology – I think it encourages lazy, distracted driving – but HUD, oh I am SO into HUD.

HUD – Heads-Up Display – a holographic technology used to communicate information directly into the driver’s field of vision.

There’s 2 types of HUD. Both are visible in direct sunlight… somehow. It’s kind’ve amazing.

1 – Projection HUD

The image is projected through a lens in the windshield, making it appear like it’s floating above the hood directly in the driver’s vision.

Use the hard buttons to customize that image. As seen above – display the current radio station, which direction the vehicle is travelling, the posted speed limit, what the cruise control is set at, and navigation instructions appear here too.

2/6 of my last press cars had HUD. 

This 2016 Cadillac Escalade.

2 – Translucent Screen HUD

While HUD was once reserved for luxury vehicles, some automakers are bringing it down to entry-level cars, like the 2016 Mazda3.

The image is projected onto a screen located just below the driver’s field of vision. While still effective, usually this type isn’t as customizable as the projection HUD.

The added bonus though, is when the car is turned on the screen rises dramatically from the dash, like a fighter jet video game.


Mazda calls it which Active Driving Display.

Found on the 2016 Mazda3 GT (top trim.)

If the new car you’re buying offers HUD,
it’s worth the upgrade.

Learn more in my column – HUDs are Good



Important to Note – Giant Vehicles Skew my Bias

If you’re using my blog to research a new car, take the posts about massive vehicles with a grain of salt.

Why? In real life I’m the size of a troll doll, so getting to be the biggest thing around brings so much joy, which if I’m being real honest with you, probably puts a glossy sheen over things. I don’t totally lose my mind, it’s still impossible-to-impress me, but it’s like…

Know how a Vegas casino looks so close, but
it takes 20 minutes to walk to? Like that.

What happens: strolling across the parking lot, skip in my step as I approach, and keep approaching, haha I’m eye-level with the hood, oh this dichotomy does not get old, climb up, up OH YA I am now in charge of this massive machine, let’s GO.

List of Affected Vehicles:

– any massive SUV, like the Land Rover LR4 or Cadillac Escalade

– all Heavy Duty pickup trucks for sure

– giant vans, e.g. Sprinter sized and up

– and anything I have to jump into

Chevy Jump Truck

Still going to book giant SUVs though, I have to, they bring me so much happiness.



I’m Going to Miss Simple Instrument Clusters

Won’t be for much longer you can look through the steering wheel to a plain, simple instrument cluster… real physical dials, a low-resolution screen glowing in that familiar blue/green hue displaying those square letters and numbers.

Here come the high-definiton screens… no physical gauges, information rich and highly customizable.

Above is a 2016 Chevy Trax.

Below is a 2016 Cadillac Escalade.




Turn a Cadillac Escalade into a Movie Theatre

Last Sunday, I tucked into my 2016 Cadillac Escalade and watched Die Hard: The Internet Security One.

Below – on the left is the second row 9″ screen that’s both Blue-Ray and CD R/W capable, and on the right is the 8″ touch screen in the dash. Crisp eh.

While there’s 4 screens in total, a movie will simutanously play on only the 2 above.

The other 2 screens are embedded into the front headrests, and each play from its own DVD slot.

Ignition off, then insert the DVD into the slot beneath the dash screen.

Bust out a blanket, nestle into one of the second row’s configurable bucket seats – which are heated – adjust the dedicated rear climate control, and hit play.

KeriBlog Cadillac Escalade

There’s 2 ways to listen to the audio:

1 – use the included set of headphones

2 – pump it through the cabin’s 16 Speaker Bose Surround Sound System

To current owners:

I’d remove the headphones from the car and instead use them as my everyday / working ones, because when do you ever see Cadillac headphones walking around?


Regardless of your vehicle’s make and model, watching a movie in your car is fun! And know what this setup would be great for? A 3rd date.

In this Escalde, you can enhance the evening by serving drinks to your crush… from the centre console cooler.


A 365 mL 6-pack pf Pepsi fits, plus candy.