New Sidebar Art

Set up an assembly line the other night, made these 30.  The sidebar is the essence of a blog.

There’s an accompanying spreadsheet, each one links to a specific post.

Separated them into 5 topics: Cars, Lifestyle, and Security,, and Food.

Each topic will have it’s own area to your right, and the images will rotate through YES rotating sidebar art; that’s been 3 years on the want-for-my-blog list.

Some of these you’ve seen before, from the old blog design.

The other side of the sidebar.

There’s another spreadsheet, of individual sidebars to make too. Like, my printing, favourite videos, this week’s car….

Most excited to make the badge-collage one: the Cars section, broken down by auto manufacturer. I’m betting 75% of all badges have been blogged about.


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