In Shock since Dec 18 – Got a Job, Start Monday

Since then it’s been a lot of pacing, and sitting quietly like above, daydreaming. Somehow the world’s best-suited job just fell on my LinkedIn.

Remember when I gave myself 4 months, from quitting the paper to finding new revenue? Skin of my teeth, I was in the final week when I shook hands… and it’s like a real job guys, physical real business, and the pay is amazing.

KeriBlog can continue reviewing cars with journalist integrity, because it’s not an auto-manufactuerer… ready?…

Dents. I’m now in the dent business guys!

How it works: a car has a dent > my company removes it > accept payment > the end

Awesomely there is no social media anything,
I do NOT have to Tweet about the dent.

I work in a building that has a parking lot filled with… 15,000 cars!

Here we go deeper into the belly of the auto industry…

I have a giant post drafted about the job, but am having trouble focusing these days… from initial contact to landing the job was fast, and in 10 days I flipped my life upside down. That’s why my blog has been dark, sorry.

I start on Monday, the job requires a lot of driving OKAY, comes with a car OKAY AGAIN, I’m now “business casual” those are new clothes in the photos!, and not sure how I got so lucky guys, but 2016 just got real exciting.

xo Keri



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