Coming Back to Life

The fever broke, and I’m almost fully back to my regular self.  It’s legendary how sick I sometimes get, there’s a photo around here hang on….. yup, here.

And the tiny amount writer’s block that came with it has dissapated (thankfully it wasn’t a full blown block, that’s only happened once, I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.)

A week with this 2016 Cadillac Escalade helped.

No really – I was so into this vehicle.

Even watched a movie in it.

This yesterday helped too – here I am tossing a truck around for Motoring TV’s new intro.

Can’t wait to see the final edit, hope it all makes it.

I have deadlines this week!  It’s started up again… the first piece will publish next Tuesday at this new outlet I write for that I haven’t told you about yet, and the other next week maybe?  Not sure?  Guess that’s the nature of freelance: the paper was regular and immediate, so’s blogging, but freelance is up to someone else.

It feels good to type again, and blogging today was its usual fun.  Maintaining a blog for so many years, it’s …. hard to describe…. the headspace, the constantly-documenting mind frame…. oh I love it, but it can get weird sometimes…

Have a million cars to blog (okay maybe 45) and as much security stuff, and I can sense a writing rhythm establishing itself…. feels for the first time since quitting my job (7 weeks) that things are straightening and settling… prepare for takeoff…

Thanks for always checking in.

xo Keri



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