It’s Doors Open TO This Weekend

Doors Open Toronto: Each year on this weekend over 100+ places open their doors to the public.  It’s a great way to easily gain access to restricted places and areas.

I go every year.


The HC Harris Water Treatment Plant

This place washes HALF of Toronto’s water daily. And looks exactly like the video game Myst. One of my favourite places in Toronto.

Girl in a Masonic Lodge – VERY Rare


The original Toronto Stock Exchange – one of Canada’s premiere Art Deco buildings, and home to our very first fluorescent light.

(aside – such a grainy photo on the left. I used to blog using my Razr, ha).


The HMCS York Naval Reserve

Ryan and I went for exploring for

‘Canadian Explorer’ Episode #25/80: Operation Doors Open.

Ryan filmed too, here’s his version of the days events.


Canada’s Largest Military Library

It’s North America’s largest military library, and has since been demolished. They’re re-building it and assured me at the time the library would be saved and re-constructed.

This year I have only one item on my listThe Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.  They have a tablet from 1800 BC!

I try to make it every year to this library, and I best leave right now because they’re closed tomorrow, and I have 90 minutes from now to keep this dream alive.





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