To Almost Bit the Steering Wheel (from Laughing)

To bite the steering wheel:
to jacknife laugh, while in the driver’s seat

To Jacknife: When you burst out laughing, so hard and so suddenly, you involuntarily fold in half at the waist. Usually accompanied by a large exhale of breath.

(got that definition into Urban Dictionary)


Claiming ownership of this expression, it now belongs to me, forever, throughout the universe, into perpetuity.

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$220 in Canadian Tire Money Buys a BBQ

Exact total = $219.70

Counting it took my neighbours and I hours. We found that blue guy in the bills. Separating cash in glasses is clever eh.

Been saving for 20 years.

I was short about $40.

Neighbours starting dumping their savings into the effort, Brian showed up with a massive drawer, we ended up $2.30 over target.

It’s the MasterChef S380 Propane BBQ.  3 burners, 46,000 BTUs, on sale $189.99 here

The neighbours helped a lot with this purchase.

Another drove me in his F150 to pick it up.  And then put it together for me… so BBQs come in pieces?

The lady at Canadian Tire was unfazed.
She counted it by hand, took 20 minutes.

During which I announced to every passerby, “look, I’m buying a BBQ with only Canadian Tire money.”

Inaugural meat from The Meat Merchant of course.

An ole’ fashioned butcher serving organic, local meat and ingredients that are nitrite and preservative-free.

My neighbour, “wait Keri, you should document this moment, give me your phone and show the beer more, it’s part of BBQing.”

Brian’s first iPhone photo!

I tried. Honestly, I tried.

I listened to instructions.

I don’t know how it went so west.

Know what though, everyone was kind and ate them anyway.

Concluding with some BBQ-catalog-posing.



Bet you Connected to Today

Bet you connected multiple times, too – it’s the site behind iTunes.

See – unless I approve the connection, iTunes doesn’t function.

mzstatic animated

Interesting eh, a site so many of us use heavily, yet we don’t know its name.

It’s a good idea to monitor connections, learn more here.