My Best Review Yet – 2015 Mazda MX-5

2015 Mazda MX-5

Starting at $29,450
This one $40,925

It surprised me it came out so good, because it was tough for 2 reasons.


You can’t actually buy this thing, so I had to review a car you can’t buy (my tester was #738 / 1,099 worldwide)


The MX-5 is a universally loved car by auto journalists, and there are one trillion glowing MX-5 reviews, how’s mine to be different?

I took the approach, “That’s why most reviews about the MX-5 read the same, and sound like this” which they all do, because the car is that good.

However, “The real question is: which model year do you choose? This one, or wait for the all-new model coming next year?”

(short answer – buy this year, the simpler, purer version, because the all-new model will be covered in tech and aids.)

Read it online at Autonet.

Even the photoshoot came together beautifully, come ON this haybale face.

added it to my collection, “Special Car Photos“.

So for sure I was pleased when this printed across the newspaper chain. Of all the ones ahhh.

My favourite line even ended up in the blue circle, couldn’t have worked out better.

Now this is the review I link to when I have to showcase my work.


Update: this review ended up being quoted on the Mazda site ha, here



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