I Only Run in Forests

Running along a straight road is the most boring thing a human could do.

I prefer forests.

Every route is different, there’s no one around, and here’s the kicker: you’ve no time to think about how tired you are, how much you want to stop running… you’re too busy trying to not hit your face into a tree.

I also think it’s more effective than the spending time in a gym.

MY FITNESS THEORY: Imagine I take a set of twins. I give Bill manual labour to do for three months, and Phil a dumbbell and gym routine. At the end of the 90 days I pit them against each other in a snow shovelling competition. Bill would win for sure.

(from this post: Why I Like Parkour)

Click here for forest running stories from my ‘The Canadian Explorer’ days, including when I was crossing a river on a tree and it broke underneath me.

Get outside and be IRL.

Leave your phone behind when you do.







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