My Slickest Filming System Yet

It’s a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition.

The camera has WiFi, which talks to the app on my phone, which I use to preview and control the camera, come ON.

It’s my first GoPro. My buddy lent me his, when I drove shifter karts in the fall, but that’s it (that’s a Samsung Galaxy III, and my first Android. Thanks again, TELUS)

The app is what makes it amazing, look:

  1. – so many camera controls. The LED one is a favourite
  2. – delete files from SD card…
  3. – … and check the card’s capacity

Been dreaming about something like this since ’07. Because this, plus my iPhone, MacBook Air 11″, and I’m done. Even 2 years ago, it was 20 lbs on my back.

New electronics smell so good, eh.

This might be some of the first footage like this in Canada.

This camera isn’t available here yet, the app came out November 12th, and below is the morning of the 13th, when I drove around that ice.

First video will be, “Ice Driving – Proving Winter Tires Work”. I’ll post it Wednesday.



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