CAA is More Than Road Side Assistance

Although best known for their roadside assistance, CAA is more than that, like this educational display.

At this year’s Canadian International Auto Show, CAA brought in the most popular hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles), then posted the vehicle’s fuel efficiency stats for easy comparison.

I’d always wanted to see the brands laid out like this, because as I suspected, things are not what they seem.

Note the differences between these two:

The Ford (4.3 L/100km in the city) is twice as efficient as the seemingly more eco-friendly Volt (6.7 L/100km in the city) (sorry about the hazy photos).

Click here to use visit CAA’s Electric Vehicle site to learn more about what driving an eco car really means.

I’ve long been a CAA fan, and have a ton of CAA posts, and dedicated one of my weekly columns to proving why you should be a member (new car owners included).

So because I’m familiar with one of Canada’s oldest’s non-profit organizations, it made sense they approached me to be a guest blogger during the next few weeks, and I’m really excited about this.

Because I had no clue about CAA’s other division:  Life-Side Assistance (clever name, eh).

For example, use your membership to recieve discounts to… Stars on Ice?!

I was surprised that CAA’s reach extended so far.  Probably you’ll be surprised too, check out the full list of Savings Partners.

I’m thinking I’ll use my membership to save on tickets at the Toronto Symphony, new eyeglasses at LensCrafters, a Cineplex movie and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Look for the first post next week as I start to explore how they can assist with everyday life.

Until then, follow CAA on Twitter and friend them on Facebook, and if you’re driving without roadside assistance, that’s foolish, join now.



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